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S.A.U. was developed for archaeological intersite studies. However archaeology is not the only discipline that study point distribution maps. This tool shall help everybody that has to deal with point pattern analysis.

The study of the distributive characteristics of settlement patterns is one of the most important topics in the reconstruction of historical landscapes. Unfortunately, advanced knowledge of GIS techniques, as well as quantitative techniques and methods are required in order to achieve positive results in this area. Furthermore, the application of spatial analysis in the archaeological research requires a large and expensive investment of software and hardware to accomplish such tasks. In order to address all these issues, they started at the Università degli Studi di Siena the development of an analytical tool for the study and analysis of spatial distributions.

S.A.U. rather than a GIS application shall be conceived as a general utility for data processing. In fact, the main aim of Spatial Analysis Utilities is to accomplish in a quick and easy manner the entire quantitative process. The philosophy of the software is to provide conclusive statistical data with just some mouse clicks to non advanced GIS users.


  • barycentre
  • nearest neighbour
  • quadrat and proximity analysis
  • Thiessen / Voronoi polygons
  • Other features are shape export abilities,