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ThinkGeo is a U.S.-based software development firm specializing in GIS developer components, customizable GPS tracking software and geospatial consulting services. ThinkGeo's headquarters is located in Lawrence, Kansas.

Major Products

Their premier product line is Map Suite, a developer toolset for authoring web, desktop, server and mobile-based GIS applications utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Map Suite includes .NET components and controls, base map plugins, standalone spatial data and a map icon library. It differs from competing GIS products by offering royalty-free licensing, using a more accessible API and being native to the Microsoft .NET platform.

ThinkGeo also develops Cygnus Track, a customizable GPS tracking software platform offered in three editions. Cygnus Track is a hardware-agnostic asset tracking application that can be tailored to the specific market needs of each user.

Consulting services provided by ThinkGeo include software design, custom asset tracking solutions and training.