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Agromet provides the programs needed to carry-out spatial interpolation of agroclimatic variables with the technique of cokriging. The software has been developed 1996. Source Code is available.

The program adopts a modular approach following three steps. The modular structure allows to pass from one module or to recall one or more of them in a unique or repetitive way.

  • The first module is called VARIO; it allows to extract the information contained in the data through the computation of the values of the characteristic variogram functions. The purpose of these functions is the study of the inter-dependence between the observed values.
  • The second module is called COREG and carries out the modelization of these functions in order to define a valid model, called Linear Model of Coregionalization (LMC), which will be used to estimate the variable values in different points in space.
  • The third module, called COKRIG, produces optimum estimations proper at different given points in space, through the combination of the known neighbouring values of one or more variables with the LMC given by the second module.