COGI - Interservice Committee for Geographical Information within the Commission

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COGI is the official Commission interservice group for geographical information within the Commission of the European Union.

It was created on the initiative of [[enEurostat|]] and DG Information Society (INFSO). The creation of this group satisfies the need for a strategic approach and for a better co-ordination and visibility of Commission actions related to GI and GIS. This request came from Commission departments but also from the outside world.

The group is officially recognised by the Secretary General of the Commission. This implies that decisions taken in this forum concerning standards and the like will become mandatory for all Commission services to apply in the use and production of geographical information.

The mandate of the COGI can be summarised as follows:

By means of a coherent data policy, COGI will work to co-ordinate and promote the pertinent use of geographic information (GI) within the services of the Commission, whilst ensuring the application of common technical GI standards. The aim is to improve the capacity, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of European policy operations that require spatial data and analyses for the European territory.