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OpenEV is a library and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data. - (Open Source)

OpenEV will:

  • Run on popular platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris, IRIX).
  • Handle raster and vector data.
  • Support 2d and 3d display.
  • Gracefully handle very large (gigabyte) raster datasets.
  • Support multi-channel, and complex raster datasets.
  • Understand and interpret georeferencing information, and provide on-the-fly reprojection of datasets.
  • Provide view manipulation functions (pan, zoom, rotate) at interactive frame rates.
  • Provide a powerful image analysis tool.
  • Serve as a component in a variety of image analysis applications.

OpenEV is built on:

  • OpenGL: for high speed raster and vector rendering in accelerated environments. Texture mapping is used for raster display.
  • Python: While the core of OpenEV is implemented in C, detailed Python bindings are provided for OpenEV components. It is intended that most applications developed on OpenEV be implemented in Python.
  • GTK+: The GTK+ GUI toolkit is used to implement the GUI, and the core OpenEV component (the GvViewArea) is based on the GtkGLArea. Gtk provides portability, sophisticated GUI components and an active developer community. Much GUI level development is done in Python using the Python GTK bindings.
  • GDAL: The GDAL library is used for high performance access to a variety of raster formats.
  • PROJ.4: The PROJ.4 library is used for underlying projections support.