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ANTELOPE performs a number of spatial statistics tasks. It only analyzes x,y data (not x,y,z) and accepts text files with additional columns which might be used to focus on subsets of the data (e.g. sex, time, age, etc). Such a set of locations might result from mapping individuals in a population or from following a radio-tracked individual over time. Data are input as text (ASCII) files with columns separated by tabs. The first two columns must be the x and y location respectively.


  • Selection of subsets of the data using categories in additional columns of the input file
  • Plotting of x,y points on world with adjustable bounds
  • Import of external PICT file (e.g. a map) on which to plot points
  • Analysis of home ranges (convex polygon, elliptical, and Fourier methods)
  • Imposition of a grid and conversion of location to count data
  • Comparison to Poisson and Negative Binomial expectations for gridded data
  • Computation of Moran's I for gridded count data
  • Correlograms using gridded data
  • Greig Smith ANOVA for gridded data
  • Plotless sample analyses (point-plant and plant-plant)
  • Fractal analysis in 2 dimensions
  • Dirichlet (= Voronoi) and Delaunay tessellations of points
  • Point grouping algorithm using Delaunay distances